Best Online Casino Games

Online casinos are the replica of commercial casinos substituting real players with virtual players. Popular commercial casino games are available online for you to try your luck. Tested and tried, these virtual games are great to gain reward and bonuses instantly.

Online web portals retain extensive collection of games. Trending games will increase your chances of winning and make the casino experience worthwhile. It’s important to choose games that will make you rich based on the expertise you have in playing the particular game. Even if you are not good at playing, you can always begin learning with the practice games online. Practice games can help you make the right assessment about your skill level and can elevate your chance of winning.

Here are some top games gamblers prefer to play online:


Poker is the world famous casino game. It is one of the oldest gambling games and favorite among the masses. There are various versions of poker game, some of which are Texas Hold’em Poker, 5-Card Draw, Pineapple and 7 Card-Stud.


Craps is an energetic dice game based on seven players and is a regular feature in casino based movies. The bets are raised taking into account the value of cards. It requires a shrewd mind to make the right bet at the right time.

Black Jack:

If you have seen 21 and Casino Royale, then you can quickly relate to the game and might actually know how to play. It’s a game between the game software and the player. The software distributes two cards to each player and they have to keep one card facing up and other one facing down. 21 is the number to avoid and anyone in possession of cards less in value of 21 till the end will win.


Slots are easy to play and easy to win. While playing slots online, you get the feel that you are playing at a commercial casino. They comprise of a huge collection with respect to symbols and patterns. When you insert coins and press a button, the wheels rotate. When the wheels stop, depending on the pattern of symbols, you get cash or can loose the money.

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Caution! Roulette is extremely addictive. The player chooses numbers or colors and bet money on it. When you press the spin button, the wheel rotates and a ball moves from one column to another. You get the money based on what the number and color are where the ball stopped.

Gamblers love these top 5 games as they have better chances of hitting the jackpot. Try your luck with these games and you will definitely be rewarded.

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